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The Bald Eagle

This picture was taken from the Sea Doo
in the back of Smith Bay in June, 2002.
At the bottom of this page is an unbelievable closeup of this same photo.

Native Bald Eagles had disappeared from the region when TVA took over Land Between The Lakes in 1963; habitat loss and pesticides such as DDT caused numbers to fall to just over 400 pairs nationwide. Restoration efforts and pesticide bans have made the Bald Eagle one of this country's environmental success stories, however. LBL played a part in that success by participating in a raise-and-release technique called "hacking." From 1980-1988, 44 eaglets were "hacked" into LBL under the premise that eagles will return to nest where they learned to fly. In 1983, the first active Bald Eagle nest was spotted in Land Between The Lakes in more than 50 years -- the first sign of their return to LBL. This year, 10 Bald Eagle nests were seen at LBL.

This is a zoom of the same picture above.  How majestic......


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