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May Fly

Every year in June around the lake, the May flies swarm and literally cover objects such as bridges and branches of trees.  There are so many of them that they actually form a sheet or curtain that hangs from whatever structure that they have clung to!  This may sound terrible to the common person, but to anyone who likes to fish, this is a spectacular event.  All fishermen know that during this time, if you are looking for some good fishing then look for areas of water near May fly hatcheries.  The May fly lives underwater for as long as 2 years before reaching the Adult state.  They then crawl from the water and pursue their only goal: reproduction.  The May fly has a very, very short lifespan.  Once a male mates, he then dies and the female dies as soon as she lays the eggs in the water.  The whole process happens rather quickly once they begin the mating process.  During the warm June nights, they are at their peak.  This last for a few weeks then eventually they all die off, which leaves the water and land literally covered in a layer of May flies!!! 

You just can't go wrong around this time of the year.  All of the fish love May Flies, so they are near the surface looking for lunch.  June is a prime month for some rewarding fishing trips.

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