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Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake Fishing Reports

Welcome to, your number-one source for all things Kentucky Lake, including the regularly updated Kentucky Lake fishing reports as well as Lake Barkley Fishing Reports. Whether you are heading out for a brisk February afternoon of fishing for crappie and black bass or enjoying a late-summer evening of bluegill fishing, our Kentucky Lake fishing reports give you what you need to know.

North Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake Fishing Reports
Kick'n Bass Fishing Report (Updated 8/28/15)
Captain Kevin Frey's Fishing Report (Updated 8/28/15)
Captain Kirk's Fishing Report (Updated 8/28/15)
Dave Stewart's Fishing Report (Updated 8/27/15)
Fishing Hype Fishing Report (Updated 8/21/15) 
Big Kahuna's Fishing Report (Updated 8/19/15) 

South Lake Barkley & Kentucky Lake / Blood River Area Fishing Reports
Scott Patton Fishing Report {Updated 8/28/15)
Angling Adventures Fishing Report (Updated 7/2/15)
Big Jim Napier's Fishing Report ***VIDEO** (Updated 3/20/15)
Tennessee State (updates weekly)
General Fishing Reports (both Lakes)
LBL Report (updates weekly)*
USACE Lake Barkley (updates weekly)

Notice:  The fishing reports shown on this site are provided to you as a insight from our top fishing guides around Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley. Reports are updated when the guides submit them.  


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