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Bloodriver / Kentucky Lake Fishing Report

Bass fishing on the southern portion of the lake is excellent right now.  There are numerous amounts of big schools of bass getting out on the river, and when there is flow, you can absolutely wear them out.  The mid lake area continues to hold fish much much deeper than the farther southern end of the lake.  Fish in the mid lake area are between 17-30 ft deep which makes it challenging at times to "fire" these big schools up, but when you do you can catch big numbers.  Once you move to the paris landing area and farther south, the fish are still in the 12-15 foot range.  As you continue going south(New Johnsonville area) the fish are much shallower due to the hydrilla grass that is growing all over the lake down there.  Topwaters, shallow spinnerbaits, and texas rigged worms are taking some huge bass in the New Johnsonville area.  Just last week in the Triton Tournament there were three fish in the 10 pound range weighed in from that area alone.  One team brought a one day total of almost 29 poinds to the scale, while the winners had over 27 pounds on day 1.  Needless to say, there are some "toads" being caught down there, and if you're fishing a tournament against the locals from that area, chances are,  you are going to have a tough time winning if you arent fishing in that same area.  However, if you just like to catch fish, they can be had on the ledges in area of the lake right now.  I had a friend call me that was fishing in the Jonathan Creek area and he was struggling a bit because he doesn't normally fish that area, and I shared a few waypoints for him to try.  An hour later, he called me to say "Hey!, They are here!"  So, I know the North end of the lake is picking up.  Also, what I have noticed with the fish I am catching is that they seem to be late post spawn fish.  I am catching alot of fish with bloody tales and scars on them that look like they just come off the beds.  It's possible we are starting to see a late wave of fish heading towards the drops.  I spoke with my good friend Terry Scroggins after the Triton Tournament weigh in(he emceed the weigh in both days) and he noticed the same thing.  Lots of unhealthy looking long, skinny post spawn fish were weighed in last week and numerous 14-17 pound bags.  The bigger fish(fish over 5lbs.) are harder to find, but just in the last few days I have seen more show up on some of these ledges.  We hadpretty strong day Thursday as evidenced by a couple of nice ones in the picture below:
These boys had a great day of fishing.  We probably boated over 50+ keepers in a few hours time.  If you get on them, you can load the boat.  The fish are taking worms, carolina rigs, jigs, and shaky heads really good right now.  You just have to get out there are "work" for them.  The fish continue to be "spooky" and move around alot while you are fishing, but I have found if you can relocate the school once they initally move on you, you can still get good numbers to bite.  My tip of the week is buy sunscreen!  it doesn't take long on the water for you to come up with a terrible sunburn, so if you are going out on the lake, lather up!  Also remember safety is key.  The water is still well below summer pool which makes navigation somewhat treacherous.  Summertime is "officially" right around the corner and there are all sorts of people out on the water, so look out for the other guy.  On the fishing front, I am staying pretty booked.  Just give me a call and we can try to work something in my schedule, but right now is the time to come to KY Lake and get in on some hot action!  Oh yeah, if you are in the market for an awesome boat, I am selling my rig after only two years of fishing out of it....I can make you a great deal....Call me!

Dave Fields