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Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake Fishing Report


Lake Level:

Lake Barkley - 359.00 - 61,200 CFS, stained-muddy
Kentucky Lake - 358.90 - 94,400 CFS, stained-heavy stain

Weather: We started out with a wet and windy week with 2'' of rain Sunday night then 25mph winds Monday back to an 1'' of rain Weds night. Friday and Sat. are looking good Sunday and Monday are looking wet and then a real nice mid week forecast with plenty of sun but we will cool down to upper 60's.

Bass Fishing: Fish are spread throughout the bays with fish in different stages of the spawn. We are catching fish on the flat bank and pockets that seem to be on beds or looking for the right place. Many are being caught on the lead in banks staging to make their move here in the next few days before the New moon next Sat. the 18th. The next week should be some of the best fishing of the spring! There are also fishing still coming in from the main lake being caught on main lake points. A lot of fish over the weekend came from off the bank structure but as the week has gone on more and more fish are coming from the bank and shallow water. Most are cruising or migrating fish looking to set up a spawning home. Hot baits this week have been spinnerbaits, mid to shallow running  crankbaits like the SPRO Little John and Little John MD when fishing fast and looking for aggressive fish. When we've had to slow down or fishing a little deeper water on the main lake points or some lead in banks it's hard to beat a finesse jig like the Outkast Tackle 7/16 finesse jig paired with a Big Bite Baits swimmin craw trailer with a rattle stuck in the nose. The water is on the rise right now and basically at summer pool which yes puts it in the bushes and the plentiful yellow flowers. With the water coming up and the fish wanting to come in and spawn it's setting up to be an awesome week of fishing a head.

Crappie fishing: Man if we could get a break in the weather I think we could do some serious catching. Between the torrential rains and high winds it's proved to be a bit difficult at times. Though when we get a descent day to play we've enjoyed success casting the bank and vertical jigging stakebeds, brushpiles and stumps on flats and along creek channels. I do not spider rig but it seems it is a better way to go right now as many fish are suspended away from the cover just roaming around waiting to hit the bank when lake conditions straighten out. I see a hard push this coming week of crappies to the bank also with this rising water. Casting a jig with or without a bobber over brushpiles is also a good way to catch these suspended fish along with long line trolling. The trolling method can allow you to cover a lot of water very quickly to find active fish.  As I mentioned about it being a great week of bass fishing coming up I think crappie fishing is going to be just as good.

Bluegill/Redear - No report from myself fishing for them but have gotten word of some fish starting to be caught along the bank by crappie anglers as we've caught a couple ourselves. It's not far away in fact a couple of weeks we should start seeing some good action from these hard fighting tasty critters.

*****Mark your calendars The Cabin Bait and Tackle Spring Open House will be held Sat. May 9th will hot deals throughout the store and they will have boats on display from Renegade Marine.

Call today to get the dates you want as May bluegill and redear trips are fillling up and bass guys May and June are two of the best month to be here on Kentucky and Barkley Lakes. So DON'T get left on the dock call today.

Brian Brown
Fishing Hype Guide Service