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Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake Fishing Report


Sorry all for no reports the past couple of weeks. I took some time off and went to MN and enjoyed some cool weather and some awesome smallmouth fishing.


Lake Conditions:

Barkley – 359 8,300-14,400CFS, light stain to stained with water temps running in the upper 70’s to low 80’s

Kentucky – 358.89, 13,600-27,300, light stain with water temps running in the upper 70’s to low 80’s


Weather: HOT HOT HOT. No other explanation needed. The first day of summer hit us this week and the weather is very summer like. Highs running in the mid to upper 90’s with heat index’s running in the triple digits. Lucky though on the water there has been some wind which until today kept the heat somewhat at bay. Looks like much of the same over the next five days or so with a cool down coming mid-week. We had a little front come through last night but look for mostly sunny skies for the better part of the weekend.


Bass Fishing: Ledge fishing is definitely where it’s at! Both lakes have schools of fish in their normal of shore haunts but there are signs of fish that haven’t gone out that far or have already pulled back up on top. If we don’t see any significant rain over the next few weeks there will be a definite thermocline this year which will push fish shallow quicker or make them suspend out over deep main river channel. This week though we hit the ledges with mixed results. With any of the major tournaments in town the lakes tend to take and extra amount of pressure. This tends to break up the schools making the harder to keep up with and also makes them boat and bait shy. Meaning you can idle over a school turn around to fish them or go look at them again and they are just gone. Others have seen enough bait to last a life time and you just can’t get them to fire. This is when you need to break out the Powell spinning rod and put a Big Bite Baits shaky squirrel worm in front of them. Though there are always those groups of fish that are ready to eat and those are the ones that make ledge fishing so much fun. We’ve caught these fish on deep crankbaits like the SPRO DD little john, ignite swimbaits with a ¾ an 1oz Picasso smartmouth jig head and drag or hopping a 3/4oz Outkast Tackle touch down jig around.

White and Yellow Bass: These dudes are setting up on their typical summer haunts on main river points and humps. With little current on either river the fish have been suspending and a little tricky to catch at times. Using a blade bait like a Steel Shad or a rooster tail we’ve been dropping them over the side of the boat and hopping them off the bottom and letting them flutter back down. Most of your bites with happen as the bait falls back to the bottom.

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