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Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake Fishing Report

Everyone have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!!!
Lake Conditions: Both lakes are still in the midst of their winter draw down. Kentucky has been slightly lower over the past few weeks sitting now at 357.00 while Barkley is hanging around the 356.80 mark. The TVA has been pulling 30,000-42,000cfs through the KY Dam while Barkley has stayed steady at 15,100cfs. Water temps are still running in the mid to up 80's and water color has been good on both lakes.
Weather: It's been a scorcher week of weather around the lakes. Get out early to enjoy your outdoor activities then find a cool spot for the rest of the day. Please be careful out there and dress appropriately, keep plenty of sun screen on and bring plenty of water along. Also keep an eye to the sky as we have a chance of scattered thunderstorms for the next few also and have had a couple nasty ones hit the area during the week.
Bass Fishing: The bite hasn't changed much over the past couple of weeks. Fish are still pretty scattered out as we've caught them on shallow flats and ledge tops out to 20' of water on blade baits while fishing for white bass. The majority of our fish though have come 8'-12' on top of the ledges while the boat is sitting in 20+feet. Most of these fish have come on either a football shaky head with a magnum trick worm or a football jig like the Outkast Tackle T-2 in sunfish color with a Big Bites Bait swimmin craw in summer craw color. There has been a little topwater action early in the mornings around docks and main lake points where fish have been chasing baitfish. Over all we've been fishing slow and keeping the bait in the water as long as possible.

We didn't spend any time this week chasing them. Reports we've got are fish are around cover on the secondary channels 14-20 feet deep.
Blue Gill/Redear: We didn't spend anytime fishing for them. The better fish we've been told about are coming off main lake points and secondary ledges.
White/Yellow Bass: This has been the most active fish the past couple of weeks and when you find a school of them the action can be fast and furious. We've had some successful days again this week when the current was moving. Keying on main river ledges with bait around we used a vertical presentation ripping a small spoon, rooster tail and blade bait off the bottom and letting it flutter back with 90% of the bite occurring as the bait begins to fall. These are great trips as you will catch a variety of fish.
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Brian Brown
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