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Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake Fishing Report


Lake Conditions:

Lake Barkley: 359.50, 6,000-16,600 CFS, Bays are stained, main river is lightly stained, 70 degrees

Kentucky Lake: 359.40, 29,000-42,500 CFS, Bays and main lake seem to be lightly stained 70 degrees


Weather: WOW what an absolute beautiful week here on the lakes. After the first 3 weeks back from spending a great winter on Okeechobee I was wondering why I came back to rain every day. Boy the last couple weeks have been just fabulous. The week ahead looks a little different with a good chance of rain most every day though no wash outs. We will see a cold front pass through the area Monday dropping our highs back into the upper 70's and lows into the upper 50's.


Bass: It has been a mixed week with fish up for spawning with the full moon overhead. Many were in transition on their way back out. Yet a few stragglers in transition waiting to come in. The vast majority of fish have been caught shallow this week either flipping bushes or moving baits around shoreline cover and yellow flower beds. Most my flipping is done with a 7'-9'' Powell 795 Hvy action rod, coupled with 20lb Sunline Sniper fluorocarbon with either a Bag 5 Baits 5/16 Tungsten flippin wgt pegged to a 4/0 Gamakastu heavy cover flippin hook and a Big Bite Baits craw tube on the business end. This bite has been fun while it lasted but I believe it's about over. There will still be some shallow fish guarding fry and molesting bluegill beds for a couple weeks but these numbers will soon dwindle. More and more fish are transitioning to the main lake everyday now and keeping up with them is made fishing off the bank a bit of a challenge. There are some quality fish to be caught if you can find them along their migration routes. We've been throwing Outkast Tackle shaky heads and finesse jigs to catch these fish. I like to throw the finesse jig this time of year as the fish aren't quite in chow mode yet as they are still recovering from the spawning rituals. I run a 7'-3'' Powell model 734 med hvy rod with #12 or #14 Sunline Sniper fluorocarbon paired with a Big Bite Baits Yo'mamma trailer. I would have to believe we will start seeing schools show up out on the ledges very shortly along with many of the main lake points. We might be headed into summer but football season is about here, football jig season anyway along with the swimbaits, spoons, big worms and TN river standard deep diving crankbaits.


Crappie: We didn't spend much time this week chasing these guys as the spawning fish are pretty much done and both the blacks and whites are scattered recovering from the spawning season before making their way out to the main lake and secondary ledges for the summer. We did manage to find a few fish holding on brush and stake beds in 12-15 feet of water and vertical jigging a tube and minnow combo to catch them.


Bluegill/Redear: Well the wait is over and these dudes hit the bank hard this week. It seems like every bay I've looked at has had at least one bed if not multiples in it. They are very willing biters right now also so PLEASE protect the harvest. It is real easy right now to destroy an entire colony by sitting on it and catching every fish. I make it a practice to only keep a dozen or less fish per a bed not to wipe out an entire breeding class. With today’s electronics it's almost cheating when looking for them. Catching them is the easy part and we are using three different methods all depending on what the clients want to do. One is the old school hook, sinker and cork method, we have also just dragged a small jig with or without bait and my favorite and easiest is using a drop shot system like bass fishing just smaller wgt and hook. Bait wise crickets are my choice as they are much cleaner in the boat but wax and meal worms work very well along with red worms and night crawler cut into pieces. Look for sand and pea gravel points and flats along the bank or backs of the bays and pockets and you will find fish.

*****It looks to be a banner bluegill/redear bite this spring and the bass are just about to school out on the ledges so DO NOT get left out and stuck on the bank give us call and book your adventure today.


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Brian Brown
Fishing Hype Guide Service