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Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake Fishing Report

Lake Conditions: Both lakes are sitting at 357.00 three feet over winter pool. Even with the recent rains the TVA hasn't been pulling much water letting the lakes rise over the past few days. Kentucky is running in a range between 11,000 to 14,800 CFS while Barkley has been running in the 8,800CFS range most of the week. Water temps are still very cool running in the upper 50's and low 60's so please be careful and wear you PFD's. Water clarity on both lakes was getting better until the major rain Weds. night and with more storms coming through last nignt will bring muddy conditions to many of the bays. With TVA not pull water current will be at a minimum and it will take it longer to spread throught the bays and creeks which can be good but it will also take longer to flush it out also.
Weather: We have finally turned the corner to more spring/summer like conditions. Highs have been running in the 70's all week and night time lows in the mid 50's. Of course this being spring this warm means some windy days along with some major rains. We have one more night of last night then it looks to be a wonderful week ahead. Highs in the 60's and lows in the 40's with a chance of precipitation on Wednesday with plenty of sunshine the rest of the week.
Bass Fishing: Fishing has been awesome this week! The shear numbers of fish being caught has been phenomenal with some really nice fish also showing up. The warmer days and night time lows staying in the 50's has brought the water temps up and the fish are taking advantage of it. Most everything being caught this week are small males along creek channel banks within the bays. Bays with no defined creek channel any more the fish are keying in on the steeper banks as they follow them towards the back. The larger females for the most part seem to be staging in the deeper water of the creek channel in the bays and at the mouth of the bays waiting for the full moon. These fish are all in their typical spring prespawn transition with the males making their way in first to the areas they will spawn in. They are not scouting out any particular spot yet just getting to the areas that they will start looking to set up camp. I think next week the females will make a push farther back into the bays staying in deeper part of the creek channel until it's time to make their move to the bank. We've caught them on a variety of baits this week mostly power fishing with flat side crank baits like the Spro Little John and Little John MD in Fire Craw and Spring Craw colors, Arashi Flat 7 Red and Chart. Craw and Custom painted Strike King Flat 1.5 by Bag 5 Baits in Demon and Chart. Rootbeer. We even managed a few fish on the A-rig including one double. A few better fish came fishing a 1/2oz Outkast Tackle T2 football jig in Warmouth and Swamp Craw colors on specific small stretches of channel swings also.

Blue Gill/Redear: With water temps rising the blacks are making a big push to the bank most are in prespawn but there are some that are spawning on this new moon. The whites that we've caught are a bit deeper yet but will not take them long to make their way to spawning areas before the next full moon. Casting roadrunner type baits or just plain light wire jig with a Big Bite Baits shad body or curly tail grub on the back is about as easy as it gets. When the fish are feeling pressured and not biting as well a bobber, jig and minnow combo is hard to beat. The whites on the other hand are being taking by spider rigging and vertical jigging over cover in 8-14 feet of water. Colors didn't seem to matter as everyone has their favorite and all seem to catch fish. You can't go wrong sticking to the greens, blues, whites and pinks

ATTENTION - The Cabin Bait and Tackle - would like to Thank everyone who came and made it another record breaking event. Great pricing, great food, and even better customer made this another awesome event. Ronnie and Diane Thank You all.
******Looking for a place to stay while here fishing, be sure to check out Buzzard Rock Resort and Marina, Gingerwood Lodge, Poplar Creek Lodge and Eddy Creek Resort and Marina.
Call now to get your spring crappie trips booked!! It is going to be an awesome crappie season here on the lakes and it's just getting started don't left at the dock. The bass fishing it on fire right now also.

Brian Brown
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