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Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake Fishing Report

June 25
Lake Conditions:
Lake Barkley - 358.95, 7,300 CFS with stained water color and temps running in the 80’s
Kentucky Lake - 358.81, 7,000-30,000 CFS with a light stain and temps running in the 80’s

Weather: It has been a trying week weather wise. We have been running temps in the 90’s with the humidity in the 70% range has pushed our heat index’s to the 100-105 marks. This has been quite the contrast to the mid 70’s I enjoyed in MN last week. We are looking at a cold front to pass through the region Friday afternoon bring with it some showers, storms and much needed cooler temps. We should see highs back into the low 80’s over the weekend but a steady climb back close to 90 by weeks end. Sat and Sun look dry with a chance of showers most of next week generally in the afternoon.

Bass Fishing: Has been consistently inconsistent. With the lack of current the fish are much harder to pinpoint and tends to make them suspend making them very hard to track down. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t fish holding on the bottom that are catchable or schools that are showing themselves now chasing gizzard shad on main lake flats. In fact many of the large schools of fish that have been out on the deeper ledges are starting to break up as some are staying out there but many are moving shallower following the baits fish. I don’t shallow as heading to the backs of the bays just shallower on the drops and main lake flats. The fry are starting to school around the docks also which has drawing some fish back to the banks. These are generally smaller fish but you will catch and occasional 3 or4 pound fish.  When you are able to find an active school we’ve been able to catch them on spoons and crankbaits like the SPRO Little John DD for the less active fish and overall trend we’ve noticed is towards football jig like a 3/4oz Outkast Tackle T2 paired with a Big Bite Baits swimming craw and the Kentucky Lake standard big worm this week a 10’’ Kreit Tail worm by Big Bite Baits on a 4/0 Gamakastu hook and a 1/2oz Bag 5 Baits tungsten wgt have put some nice fish in the boat. I fish these on a little longer rod than most as I use a Powell 7’-5’’ med. hvy. action rod this lets me make a long cast yet plenty of back bone for a good hookset. I tend to throw both on #16 Sunline FC Sniper fluorocarbon but will go down to #14 on the worm at times. Two other baits that we’ve caught fish on have been the tried and true swimbait for those somewhat active fish that just won’t commit to a crank or spoon. The other a dropshot for those spooky fish that just the presence of the boat shuts them down. As more and more fry start gathering around docks skipping a stick worm in and around them will definitely get you bit when the offshore stuff just isn’t happening.

Crappie/Bluegill: I haven’t spent anytime fish for either species. From those I’ve talked to the guys night fishing a catching some nice crappies on humps in the bays.

Whites/Yellows: Are beginning to show up a little more regularly along main river ledges and points. Again current would really help this bite and when they do draw current in the afternoons on Kentucky it the bite seems to pickup. Ripping a blade bait or small spoon has been a great way to catch them. When the bite really slows down dropping a minnow and jig over the side can put some extra fish in the boat for you.

We’ve some good ledge fishing ahead of us yet and the whites and yellow bass are just starting to get going. So give us a call Today to book your adventure with Fishing Hype Guide Service and let us help you create memories to last a lifetime.

Brian Brown
Fishing Hype Guide Service