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Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake Fishing Report


Lake Conditions: Both lakes are still being drawn down to winter pool and almost there before this past week of continues rain throughout the middle part of the country. Kentucky and Barkley now sit 2 feet above winter pool at 356. The TVA has been pulling anywhere from 104,000-133,00 CFS thru the KY dam and 49,000-59,000 thru Barkley dam. Both lake are starting to dirty up as the muddy from the creeks is being pulled into the main river. Water temps are running around 68-69.


Weather: What another wild week of weather not only here around the lakes but the whole central part of the country. Rain – monsoon like at times and high winds played havoc most of the week. We finally cleared out lateThursday afternoon and look to have some great fall weather for the remainder of the month. Lots of sunshine is in store with highs in the low 70’s and upper 60’s.

Bass Fishing: The weather hasn’t made things any easier out there but there are fish to be caught. The patterns are still all over the board as usual this time of year and we’ve caught fish from the backs of the bays and creeks out the main river ledges. Most of the fish though have come from 3 key areas main lake flats, grass beds and mouths of the bays. Main lake flats fish have been caught mostly on top water and spinner baits. The grass fish have come on few different baits depending on the day but with the cloud cover this seemed to be on the outside edge and a swim jig, spinner bait and buzz bait have worked well. The transitioning fish at the mouth of the bays are coming on some top water but jigs and Carolina rigs have taken a lot of these fish along with some crankbait action. Two new baits we fished this week were the DAMIKI

RAMBLER a spook style bait with awesome action and sound along with a River2Sea Whopper Plopper this is cigar style bait with a jointed tail that spins as you reel it in and makes a plopping sound. This bait works great for those who can’t get the cadence right to walk a spook style bait as you just reel it slowly back to the boat the tail does all the work. As far as the jig fish we used two different Outkast Tackle jigs one being the T2 football jig in either 3/8 or ½ oz. when fishing main lake points and banks and their 3/8 oz swim jig around the grass. Crankbait fish in the bays came on lipless bait and square bills like the SPRO Fat John 60 and Little John baits and a hot bait from last year still catching fish is the Bag 5 Baits custom blue glimmer 1.5. There’s something about this color that catches them and you can have your favorite bait custom painted this color also. Contact Mike at 270-994-0859.


Crappie: We did a couple trips this week between storms and were able to catch a couple messes of fish. There aren’t jumping in the boat yet but with the weather we had everyone was pleasantly surprised. As the water continues to cool of this bite is going to keep getting better and better. We vertical jigged jigs tipped with minnows in brush between 10-15 feet deep. I do not spider rig but have talked to some guys that have caught them as shallow as 4-6 using this method. This should shape up to be a great fall crappie bite.

White/Yellow Bass: We didn’t purposely fish for these this week but did catch a bunch while crappie fishing around brush on top of the flats inside the bays and creeks.

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