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Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake Fishing Report

Lake Conditions: Both lakes hit their winter pool levels of 354 even dipping to 353.90 and now sit at 354.50. The TVA has been stopped spilling is running 59,000-46,000cfs through the KY Dam while Barkley has stayed steady at 25,200cfs. Water temps are running in the upper 50's with good water color on both lakes.
Weather: Well the cold front we had last Tuesday was nothing compared to what hit us Sunday night. As some of the earliest snow to hit Western KY rolled in along with record lows and highs Mon. and Tues. We are now in the midst of turn around and look to see highs in the upper 50's and low 60's this weekend.  
Bass Fishing: We did manage to get out couple days before the weather turned south. Unlike last week when we were able to catch some fish on the A-rig we weren't able to manage a single fish on it this week. The bites this week came off two primary presentations one being a 
jerkbait and the other shakey head. For jerkbaits we caught most of our fish on the SPRO McStick 110 in Blue Bandit color on main lake points. For shakey heads we paired the Outkast Tackle shakedown jig with a Big Bite Baits squirrel tail worm on main lake and secondary points. 
Crappie:Feast or famine is still the story of the fall crappie season so far. We are catching a good mix of keepers and nonkeeper than we have in a while and this is a good thing for the future. Ya it's great to be catching only keepers but you need a good mix or there's no future fishing coming. Most of our fish this week again come out of 12-18' of water while vertical jigging minnows tipped on a jig and others on a double hook rig. Jig color has seemed to make much of difference overall as we've caught them on a little bit of everything.
White/Yellow Bass: Again this week we didn't specifically fish for them but have caught them readily while crappie fishing. These are not the large fish you normally find in the jumps in the summer but are a tasty meal and have been much easier to catch at times than the crappies.
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Brian Brown
Fishing Hype Guide Service