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Kentucky Lake Fishing Report

 A big hello to all of our fishing friends and followers out there! Don, Eric, and myself hope that August went out in fine fashion for each of you, and September has treated you well. As always we each want to thank all of you that have visited the area and fished with us this year. 

After some really  unseasonable hot weather it looks as if things are turning to more fall like conditions at least for a few days. I am really enjoying turning off the air conditioner and opening the windows. I  even had to dig  out a jacket for the early morning and late afternoon hours the last two days. The rest of the week looks to have temperatures in the 70's with some clouds and a pretty good chance of showers on Friday. Another front looks to move through the area on Wednesday and the winds are forecast to blow at a pretty good rate from the northwest throughThursday and then settle to more fishing friendly rates. The weekend looks to be partly and mostly cloudy with the temperatures remaining in the 70's with a slight chance of rain' and light north winds. The extended forecast calls for the temperatures to move back into the 80's starting on Tuesday.

As far as the lake conditions are concerned, at 9 am this morning Kentucky was listed at 355.35 and Barkley at 355.1. Very little current was being generated at either dam and both lakes were listed as being 82 degrees with those recordings coming from each dam. Kentucky Lake levels are projected to be at 355.13 on Wednesday and 355.06 Thursday. I cannot stress enough that while navigating both bodies of water at these levels use extreme caution. If you do not know where you are stay between the navigational markers or idle. There is a purpose for the red and green channel markers. I am not trying to scare you, just save you some trouble and expense. 

Our fishing efforts have continued to revolve around chasing the White and Yellow Bass. The whites have for us scattered and we are not currently catching them in the numbers like we were, but the yellows have been pretty consistent. Some days we have really had to move around and scramble to find them, but have been pretty consistent on having respectable catches. Be sure to check out our most recent fish photos that will be posted on the Moor's webpage with the report, and on their 
Facebook  page. As usual it is not uncommon to pick up a few catfish and sometimes a bass or two while we are fishing. We continue to look for our fish along the river channel areas and mouths of major creeks. The prime baits of choice continue to be the rooster tail and jigging spoon. I have not witnessed many jumps of late,, so the topwater bite has not been part of my plan recently.

The cooler temperatures have really ignited my desire to start a more aggressive search for the Crappie. I have fished for them on two different occasions for a short period of time and was able to catch a couple each time. The bites were few and I opted to switch to another species to hopefully find some faster action. I had a friend of mine that is a good fisherman, and honest tell me that he had a good catch the other day of over 20 keepers. Based on this, I bet if a person really got after it and stuck to their guns they could probably catch a nice mess. You can bet I am soon going to try. I am hoping some of the short fish we caught this spring have grown into keepers over the summer. With the cooler temperatures and shorter days the Crappie fishing should continue to improve as we move into the deeper part of Fall.

For any of you out there that have not made it to Moor's and had a chance to visit the area, now is the time to do so. The temperatures are getting nice and soon the leaves will be changing and beautiful fall colors will be everywhere. This weekend would be the perfect time to check it out as Moor's is having a customer appreciation day this Saturday. There will be live music, games, giveaways, face painting, kids inflatables, and tie dying. All of this will then be topped off with a brilliant fireworks show. Don't get left out and come join us for all of the fun. 

Thanks again to all of you that fished with us and visited the Moor's at anytime. For anyone out there that would like to get on the water and try to get a tug on the line we still have time. We promise we will show you a good time and do our best to put you on some fish to take home with you. For anyone interested Don's cell number is 270-559-6252 and mine is 270-331-3519. We hope to here from you.

Thanks and God Bless,
Chris, Dan, and Eric
The Big Kahunas Guide Service