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Kick'n Bass Kentucky Lake Fishing Report

Your fishing report for April 5, 2017

From the deck of the Kickn Bass pontoon

We had another cold front move through the area about 2 weeks ago and it dropped the water temp from 60 to 49 degrees. That threw the crappies off for a bit but the temp is back to 63 and fishing is fantastic lately!! Fish are being caught from 2 feet to 25 feet deep. Lots of males that we caught this week are dark with their spawning colors. The spawn has started and fish are staging!! Let’s hope the water levels stay where they are for a great spawning year!

Lake conditions

Water temps are about 58.5 degrees in the morning and warming up to about 64 degrees in the afternoons. These temps are perfect for crappie fishing as long as they are steady. Weather forecast is for steady temps but some storms…overall April is going to be great for fishing! Water levels are at 356.4 and they are predicted to stay at that level for the near future. TVA is pulling 25,000 cfs right now so not too bad for this time of year.

You can view the lake levels here:

Weather forecast


This last week has been just fantastic for fishing…especially for crappies! Some weather has caused a couple of rough trips but the bite and the spawn are on. The KnB pontoon has been catching some good numbers and some big fish! The pictures really tell the story. With spring break underway, we get a lot of family trips. I love watching kids catch fish and this week has been just that. We have been spider rigging in 10 to 18 feet of water and catching a bunch of fish staging for the spawn. We tend to fish deep and the reason for this is it works! Not all the fish move up at once so we catch crappies waiting to move up and those that have spawned and have moved back out to rest and eat prior to moving back to their summer haunts.

Colors have been a fun thing to play with the last few weeks. At first a pearl paddle tail had been about the only jig they would touch. So we switched most jigs to pearl. Then they would only hit a Kentucky green colored jig….I don’t know why. Then the last several days our jigs had to be blue. It didn’t matter: paddletail, beavertail, jokertail or twistertail…as long as the color was blue or mostly blue. The best bait was a Crappie Hut Jigs 1/16 ounce Kiptail jig. It is a short shanked jig with a blue head and blue/red/white feathers. Tipped with a pink crappie nibble it has been deadly. Check them out for your crappie jigs…they work!

We have had very good numbers and white crappies to 16+ inches and a large black crappie at 15 inches. A 7 year old young lady named Virginia caught that 16 inch white crappie and I can’t describe how great it felt to watch her catch it! We have also been pulling crankbaits a few times, experimenting in 13 to 20 feet of water and have caught some good fish. We can’t stress enough that when pulling cranks one needs to have a few pink lures out. About the only color crankbait that has been producing has been predominantly pink colored. Get out there and catch some crappies.

Other Species

Same report as my last report on other species. Haven’t fished for any other types of fish but we have had incidental catches of largemouth, yellow bass (some good sized fish) and a bunch of perfect eating sized whitebass. Casting shallow with jigs we picked up many short male largemouths. The whites and yellows had eggs that looked reddish and gritty..a sure sign of being close to their spawn. We have seen some longnosed gar in the bays too…those are always fun to try and get your lure back from!


Talked with John yesterday and they had a great time.  Said they really enjoyed fishing with you. Wish I could have joined you. —Joe K

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