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Kick'n Bass Kentucky Lake Fishing Report

Your fishing report for August 14, 2017

From the deck of the Kickn Bass pontoon

The last week to 10 days has been a pretty steady and comfortable weather pattern. It has also been a steady pattern for catching white and yellow bass. We have exclusively fished for these fish and we have not been disappointed! I have cleaned a boat load of tasty fillets the last 6 weeks. I think this will continue for the next few weeks.

Lake conditions

The water level has stabilized to around summer pool at 357.8. Temps in 60’s at night and upper 80’s during the day have made for steady current in the lake which these fish like. TVA is on a slow draw down to winter pool so be careful out there.

Here is a link to their website.

Weather forecast


The whitebass report is the same as last time. Why change anything that ain't broke!! Anywhere between 12 to 20 feet of water on a main lake ledge. We have caught ALOT of these fish and my arthritic hands know it. Hard to open and close every morning but I still love watching others catch fish. SteelShad bladebaits have been great using a yo-yo style of fishing. Let them sink to the bottom and steadily pull up about 6 feet. Pause there and then tightline the lure back to the bottom. Repeat back to the boat. On sunny days we use the silver colored baits and on cloudy days we have used the gold blades. Some days we have been using 3/8 ounce inline spinners in white with a silver blade. Hit bottom then reel at a medium retrieve about 8 times around. Then open the bail and let the lure sink back to bottom. Repeat back to the boat. Jigging spoons have worked some also.


My crappie report is the same also. I haven't abandoned the crappie but have been pulling cranks on some off days. We have caught several while throwing inline spinners in 12 to 20 feet of water. Crappies have settled into their normal pattern on the main lake. Pulling Arkie crankbaits has produced some nice fish. I have been varying my trolling speed between 1.6 and 2.1 mph. Just got my order of about 50 Arkie cranks so look out crappies!! When a package of crankbaits arrives and you can't wait to open it, you may have a fishing problem.


We have not fished for cats exclusively but we have caught a ton fishing for other species. We have caught cats casting Steelshads and on Ken's hybrid spinners. Mainly channels but some blues and an occasional flat head. I do apologize to the lady who fought a big bluecat for several minutes, got it to the top of the water and Ol' Captain Rich knocked it right off her lure. That is a terrible feeling but at least it was a nice fight.


We have caught largemouths the last few weeks fishing for other species. We had several 15 to 19 inch fish this week. They seem to be mixing in chasing bait like all the other fish. Main lake ledges with cuts are where it's at.

Bluegills and Redears

I did not get the chance to fish for gills and redears this week.

Eclipse Day Trip, August 21

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This man knows how to catch fish. He comes back with more fish than you can eat. Besides his expertise, he’s just a good guy to enjoy the lake with. Highly recommended.

Mark Heuer, Benton KY

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