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Kick'n Bass Kentucky Lake Fishing Report

July 3rd, 2015


Lake Conditions



Lake Levels … Stable at summer pool. However, this could change with the predicted rainfall amounts we’ve had and are projected to receive in the next few days.  For additional info, including generation schedule for Kentucky Lake, visit the TVA website: 



Water Clarity and TemperatureBoth lakes have what I would consider as ideal water clarity for fishing.  The Lowrance temperature probe on my Ranger showed water temps ranging from 83 degrees on the main lake and 85 in the bays with water warming in the afternoon on sunny days.



Weather Outlook

Friday...Showers and thunderstorms likely. Highs around 80. West winds around 5 mph. Chance of precipitation 60 percent. 
Friday Night...Mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Lows in the upper 60s. Southwest winds 5 mph. 
Independence Day...Mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the lower 80s. 
Saturday Night...Mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Lows in the upper 60s. 
Sunday...Mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the lower 80s. 
Sunday Night...Partly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Lows in the upper 60s. 
Monday...Partly sunny with a 40 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the mid 80s. 
Monday Night...Partly cloudy with a 40 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Lows in the lower 70s. 

Prime Feeding Times for Gilbertsville, KY 42044


Fishing Report                                                                           
I would rate this week’s bass fishing surprisingly good considering the heat.  We’ve changed our approach from last week to make things happen and it’s paid off.  Early morning we’re scanning the mouths of the bays and the river ledges for schools of bass with baitfish.  If baitfish are present the bass are active and willing to be caught on Shakey Heads, crank baits, Steel Shad Blade Baits and big worms.  Those schools without bait are by far less active.  Best depths seem to be 12-15 feet next to deeper water.  (Photo L)  Larry Grash, from Frankfort, KY with a big smallmouth and Mike Greer from Indiana with a real good largemouth bass.

As the day progresses we switch to main lake boat docks and pitch small plastics to extend the bite.  One bait in particular, ZMan MinnoZ in Opening Night color fished on a 1/16 oz lead head or Texas Rigged ultra light style, was a pretty hot number for us this week. The best docks are the ones with Spud Poles on the corners.  Spud Poles, for those of you that don’t know what they are, are steel tubes that are placed on the corners of the dock and allow the structure to raise up and down with the fluctuating water levels.  With the higher water temps algae is now forming on the poles and the smaller minnows and gamefish fry are feeding there and the bass are making life miserable for them.  We caught a lot of fish doing this including some good ones.

Stripes (White Bass & Yellows)

White bass are beginning to show up in decent numbers and Yellows are too. And they’re mixed in with some nice cats too!  Casting a Steel Shad Blade Bait has been our best bet on the ledges where we’re finding decent schools of whites suspending off the main drops in 12-18 feet of water.  Try ripping the bait off the bottom and them abruptly stop it and let if flutter to the bottom.  Some of our best catches have been on the fall.  (Photo L)  Bill Curtis with his young brood caught some nice yellows drifting minnows.

Crappie Fishing … Mixed results number wise but really big fish.  Trolling cranks is beginning to be a serious factor off the points and ledges where some big whites and blacks are being caught.  This best bite seems to be best on sunny days.  This is a really cool way to fish and have fun.

Catfish … catfishing is the best it’s been in years for sure and on just about any live bait you want to use.  A big juicy nite crawler would be my choice but a lot of the bait shops have a great assortment of catfish baits and tackle.

Captain Rich has been loading the boat all week and some BIG ONES too on a Steel Shad Blade Bait!  (Photo R) Austin Greer with a nice cat he caught on a Steel Shad Blade Bait fishing from the Kick’n Bass Pontoon.

Bluegill & Redear Fishing  … We did not fish for these species therefore there is no report.


“Happy 4th of July Everyone”!


Try Kick’n Bass Pontoon

Fishing Adventures



The John Blackburn Group (Photo L) had a blast on the Pontoon catching Stripes and catfish.  Mike Greer (R) and his family caught some real nice cats fishing from the Kick’n Bass Pontoon.


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