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South Kentucky Lake Fishing Report
The water levels and temperature are on the rise, which means the bass are going shallow.  
Remember, largemouth bass prefer not to spawn in current, so start fishing the coves and bays.  Also, largemouth bass will tend to spawn in less than 4 feet of water and small gravel beds are optimal.
This week, I switched to a white chatterbait with a long trailer as my go-to bait.  Be sure to look closely at the photo I posted.  Too many times fisherman go with trailers that are too small, do not be scared to put a longer trailer on to attract the bass. 

Square billed crank baits are still working well and the color of choice is really dependent on the water clarity.  We are having success with orange and red when the water clarity is poor.  I prefer to fish green pumpkin (or similar colors) plastic lures as the water clarity gets better.

Good luck and stay safe!!




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