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Southern Kentucky Lake Fishing Report

Its Been a colder Spring here this year on Kentucky Lake than normal. Not to mention the high current, high water, water temps going up and down the last month has made the fish really scattered. Fishing has still been decent, if you’re here during stable weather and a little warmer weather its been pretty good.

I’ve been focusing more in the creeks rather than the main lake to get a decent bite. I just feel overall the water in the creeks have been steadier than the main lake.

One of my most consistent pattern I’ve used for years at this time of year is to fish the channel banks leading back into the creeks. I will start at the mouth of the creek and work my way back all the way till I run out of water. My number one lure is a Lucky Craft 1.5 or 2.5 crank bait. I will usually have at least three different colors tied on, TO Craw, Disco and Copper Perch. I will crank this bait on a Lews David Fritts glass rod and a 5.1 gear ratio real. The main key is to fish this bait extremely slow! I mean super slow! Barley crank the bait fast enough to get it to wobble. Be sure to cast all the way to the bank, I see a lot of guys miss out on a quality bite just because they don’t get the bait close enough to the shoreline! I can’t stress how important this is at this time of year. Especially when we get a few days of warm weather.

A lot of times the fish may be on the channel banks early and when the weather gets colder. Especially when we have cold nights. But they will move up on the shallow rocky flats as the sun rises!

Another pattern is to fish a jerk bait this time of year. I will fish points leading into the creeks or the channel banks inside the creeks. Again, SLOW is the key thing here! I will use a Lucky Craft jerkbait on 12 to 15 lb Seaguar Fluorocarbon. I will give the baits slow jerks nothing to fast or to hard. Make it look like a struggling bait that’s cold! Match the conditions in your retrieve.

And of course, a jig is a great way to catch them this time of year. I will usually go with a black and blue or a green pumpkin color. I like my ZOOM super chunk when the water is this cold, because it has a subtler action, again match the action of your baits to the water temperature, make it look natural.

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Scott Patton