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Kentucky Lake Fishing Report

Fishing Report September 6, 2017

The fishing here at Kentucky Lake remains good. The great summer ledge fishing ended about a month ago. Yes there are still fish hanging around ledges and I have a few places where I can catch good ones in 10 feet or deeper. There are shallow drop offs that come in to play late summer and into the fall. At the end of July there were a few places that were really loaded up with big bass by the hundreds. The water came up and they left or the shad left or the bass eat all the shad.

Here is a recap of how this summer’s ledge fishing played for me. The bass arrived on the first arrival ledges where they usually stay for a few weeks. This year on those early arrival locations they were there for about 1.5 weeks then those locations fizzled. By early June there were many groups on the main river ledges and at that time there weren’t many shad out there yet. There were some large tournaments on the lake and of course thousands of bass were caught and released. Those released fish were starting to recover from the spawn and many were skinny. Finally the shad made their way out to the main river. Of all the summer fish we caught it seemed like 2 out of 3 bass were 1lb to 1/2lb lighter than they should be. I can tell by looking at them but to confirm I weighed many bass before releasing them. From my observations there were not as many schools of shad throughout the lake meaning there was a big shad kill in the winter (we had a light winter) or possibly the shad competing with the millions of Asian Carp had an effect on the shad. One thing is for sure the bass were skinny this year. I have never seen so many skinny bass ever. Fish populations and quality fishing goes up and down from year to year so I always remain positive. I did not catch the same numbers of bass as last year but at the end of the day our best 5 fish weighed more than last year and that is a good thing.


Currently were in the early fall transition time and I am catching fish on some drop offs and in shallow water. I have seen some areas that were loaded up with quality fish but they left quickly either due to rising water or they ate all the shad. Keep in mind that the shad population is down so if a group of quality bass find large schools of shad that are set up on some shallow area and there is less shad than last year those bass are liable to eat them all. I mean if it was my last meal for a while I would gorge. No doubt that the bass are moving around right now looking for a load of shad to eat.

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