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Kentucky Lake Fishing Report

Fishing Report September 14, 2018

I am still catching fish every time I go sometimes I feel kind of lucky when I get them quickly and other times they come at the end of the trip. As most of us know Kentucky and Barkley Lake aren’t fishing as good as previous years. One good example is that two years ago I had a few locations that had millions of shad present and hundreds of bass there every day. This year and last year the bass just aren’t there no doubt the population is way down and tournament weigh in results are a very good indicator. This year the good thing is that shad numbers are way up from last year. All though the number of shad present in shallow and deep water is good the shad at the north end of the lake are not balled up all day long with bass behind every ball as they were two years ago. They get balled up as a defense mechanism when bass are pursuing them and since we are short on bass I am not seeing the balls of shad roaming in the shallows even though there are thousands/millions of shad in shallow water.

Lets talk about the shad for a moment. Here is the current situation there are still many schools of shad in deep water and there are millions of shad scattered in shallow water. Also something to take note of is that more and more deep schools of shad are moving from main river ledges to intermediate ledges between the channel and the shore. During most calm evenings there is a predictable movement of shad that will move from deep water to shallow main lake banks and river bars at some locations and this occurs about 30 minutes before and after dark. At this time many bass show up to feed on the shad and you can catch them on many different baits. During the same time the shad way back in shallow bays will start to flip on the surface right before and a little after dark.

With all this shad and bass talk being said the way I have been catching fish is fishing slowly scouring the water and covering water twice if necessary. I am catching bass on certain drop offs off shore, in the back ends of certain bays/creek arms, and from main lake banks, points, and bars. There three areas where bass are holding right now main lake/river ledges, main lake points and banks, and in the backs of creek arms and bays. With thousands of miles of shoreline and drop offs it’s not easy for everyone to find and catch them.

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If you just want to enjoy a day of catching quality bass or are wanting to learn how to effectively fish offshore I am as good as it gets! I had excellent results in my career as a baseball and wrestling coach and use the same skills to help my clients learn bass fishing.

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