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Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake Fishing Report

Hi all,
Sorry it has been awhile since my last report. I have nursing a shoulder injury while trying to keep fishing. I think the casting has gotten to me. Of course this time of year most of us are chasing the crappie around. I love the spawn and also hate it as well. In fall and winter the fish are much more predictable. We know they will come shallow sometime in the spring but we just don’t know when. And of course we are at the mercy of the TVA and the weather. Surprisingly the lake came to summer pool early hitting the mark shortly after the first week of April.

We have been up and down ever since. We seem to have been mostly down the last week as it appeared the TVA and Army Corp. was getting ready to hold some water from the Ohio and Mississippi to ease current and expected flooding issues. As of this morning they are predicting water in the next few days a foot and a half over summer pool. That is great news for the crappie and bass fishermen as well.

My most predictable bite had been from pockets of buck brush. I have been casting a tube jig under a casting bobber to the bank and SLOWLY pulling it back. I have even found that letting it sit for 20-30 seconds sometimes draws a bite. I normally tip these with crappie nibbles but have been using a new product that has come into its prime this year in tournaments. They are called Stubby Steve’s. They resemble a nibble but are much tougher and stay on the hook. I have fished with the same one fish after fish. Right now I think they are only available online.

The shallow crappie bite has been lasting into mid-day then there is a lull. It has picked back up mid-afternoon and into the evening. But by far my best bite has been in the last hour before sunset. We have had catches of 25-40 fish occur between two of us during this magic hour. While I am catching fish often one after another most people are loaded and heading home or back to their resort. Do not cut your day short!

Bass have been exceptional as well. I have had 50 plus fish days this last week. Most are in the 1 to 3 pound range but there are big females shallow as well. My best was a little over 5 but I have seen a few well over 8 pounds this last week with one close to 9 pounds caught from the Cypress area! My best bite has been shallow working bedding areas with 6 inch pumpkin seed Zoom lizards.

Bluegill and redear are a little behind this year from the cool weather. The water today is in the low 60’s. I have seen some good gills and redear this week but no nests to speak of. I believe the best panfish fishing is a week or two away yet and will likely extend well into May.

Guys, now is the time to be out here. Fishing the next few weeks will be at its spring peak. There are still plenty of crappie to be caught. Also I did want to mention a local resort I use called Waters Edge. It is the old Blood River Marina from years past. It is one of the cleanest camp grounds in the area and they still have seasonal openings for RV’s. I believe they also have a few covered slips available as well. I highly recommend you stop by if you are looking for the ideal camping spot or marina. They are linked from my report. Check them out!

Good luck, be careful on the water, and try and take a kid fishing! They will make memories that can last a lifetime! 


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