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Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake Hunting Seasons and Information

• Modern Gun: 17 days in mid Nov
• Archery: Early Sept - mid Jan
• Youth Only Firearms: 2 days mid Oct
• Muzzleloader: 3rd Oct weekend & mid Dec.
• Free Youth Hunting Weekend: *end of December
• Crossbow: 3 weeks early Oct & mid Nov - Dec
* Hunters ages 15 and under may hunt deer with a firearm without a license or deer permit, if accompanied by an adult. (See elsewhere for county zones, harvest restrictions and hunter requirements for each zone.)
Wild Turkey
• Fall (archery) Early Sept - mid Jan
• Fall (crossbow) 3 weeks early Oct & mid Nov - end Dec
• Fall (shotgun) 1 week late October & 1 week early Dec
• Spring Youth-only Early April weekend
• Spring April 12 - May 4
• Fall: mid Aug - end Feb (closed 1 weekend Nov); Spring: June 7 - 20
• Mid Nov – mid Feb: In western Kentucky
• The duck seasons are split. The first duck season runs from Thanksgiving Day through the following Sunday. The season again opens for most of December and January. Canvasbacks may now be taken for the entire duck season, but under a 1 duck daily bag limit.
• Season dates for mergansers & coots are the same as the duck season dates for 2007-2008
• Canada Goose : Extreme western Kentucky - Late Nov - end Jan. (Fulton County may remain open longer). Remainder of Kentucky’s Western Lakes & Rivers Region mid Dec - end Jan
• White-Fronted Goose Last week Nov - end Jan
• Snow Goose Last week Nov - end Jan