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Lake Barkley BBQ on Barkley

Barkley BBQ started two years ago right on beautiful Lake Barkley. Once a year, cooks from all over come to show their expertise at grilling and barbequeing up pork and chicken. Barbeque pits are renouned around the area for having great competition between competitors that think they are the best cooks when it comes to preparing barbeque. This special occasion brings the community to come together to eat and have a good time. Everyone comes to enjoy the best tasting barbeque around, the lively music and entertainment, beautiful handmade crafts, lots of mouthwatering food and an unbeleiveable Kid's Zone fun area.....all with the scenic and beautiful Lake Barkley in the background at Kuttuwa Beach, Kuttawa, KY.

Barkley BBQ starts off the weekend at 4 p.m. with all vendors and the Kid's Zone opening to the community, where they can get their enjoyment filled along with their stomachs. Also, the kids get some fun of their on as they bounce around on the bungee jump, mechanical bull, and the other inflatables at the Kid's Zone. That won't be the end of the day until 10 p.m. when the park closes, because from 9 to 10 you will be able to hit up the vendors some more for a late night snack, or let the kids get some last fun in before the night is over. Everyone will need to get some rest, because Saturday is a new day full of new events lasting all day.

These cram packed two days are full of entertainment and lots of food for everyone! So come on down to Kuttuwa Beach, Kuttawa, KY to take a relaxing break to listen to this great music and beautiful scenery in October.

Kuttawa Beach, Kuttawa, KY welcomes all to Barkley BBQ(view OFFICIAL SITE HERE)

Date: October 2013

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