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Rising Lake Levels Impact LBL

GOLDEN POND, KY - Tennessee Valley Authority and the Corps of Engineers are predicting the lake level for Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake to rapidly rise to 373.5 feet by May 5 (14 feet over summer pool). The current lake level is 364.10 feet and is predicted to rise to 369.76 feet by Saturday. This will greatly impact LBL's boat ramps, campsites (campgrounds, backcountry areas, and self-service areas), trails, and roads. Efforts are underway to barricade and close all impacted areas.

Visitors to Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area (LBL) are encouraged to check the Alerts & Notices page on our website at or to "Call Before You Haul," 270-924-2000 , for current information, closure lists, and details due to the recent storm damage and the predicted rise in lake levels.

Use caution on all roads and lakeside areas in LBL due to possible flooding from rising lake levels and overly saturated soil conditions. LBL staff warns visitors who use the trails, roads, camping areas, and boat ramps to be extremely cautious and observe all closures for your safety.

In addition, everyone is urged to use caution when crossing creeks, streams, or any areas with standing or flowing water. All low lying areas should be avoided whenever possible. Gravel roads have the potential to washout during these heavy rain events. Please use extreme caution when traveling on LBL's gravel roads.

Wranglers Campground and Turkey Bay Off-Highway Vehicle Area will remain closed until further notice due to this week's storm damage.

Media Contact: 270-924-2000

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