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Reaching impact
This is the moment of truth as it relates to ball flight. As I have said before, it is a lot easier to get the club to arrive on plane at impact if you have followed the parts of being on plane from the beginning. At impact you want to have the shaft on the same angle that you started on at address. The real key to remember is that the back of your left hand needs to be square to your target line. The back of your left hand is basically your club face if your grip is neutral. The ball will tend to go where the back of your left hand faces. If you tend to slice, the back of your hand if facing to the right. If you tend to hook, the back of your hand is facing left. Work on hitting half shots with a 9- or 8-iron to train the back of your left hand to be square and "on plane."

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Lake Barkley & Kentucky Lake Golfing

When it comes to Kentucky golf, Western Kentucky's Kentucky Lake & Lake Barkley golfing is way above par. Home to more than 25 area golf courses carved out of West Kentucky Countryside, with tree-lined fairways, many overlooking the Lakes that will challenge anyone's golf game, from beginners to seasoned pros. Kentucky Lake & Lake Barkley are fast becoming a favorite resort destination for the avid golfer. With the area's mild climate, you can enjoy golfing year-round. So come to Kentucky Lake/Lake Barkley - just a short approach from anywhere. Western Kentucky boasts over 25 beautiful courses to choose from!

For the delight of any golf enthusiast, the Kentucky Lake and the Western Kentucky area offers beautifully landscaped, excellent courses. From beginner to professional, you will find a course that challenges every facet of your game.

The Kentucky Lake area has a variety of golf courses to test the skills of every golfer. Home to many 18-hole championship courses, Kentucky Lake offers you a great golfing experience at a great value. The Lakes are the premier destination for golf in Kentucky so come try our fine courses out today!

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