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Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley Community - Trigg County, KY

Trigg county was formed in 1820, with 12,597 as of a 2000 census. With a total of 481 sq. miles of total area, 443 sq. miles of it is land, and 38 sq. miles of water. It is located on the eastern side of Western Kentucky, with 4 cities, Cadiz, Cerulean, Canton, and Wallonia. Cadiz is the county seat of Trigg County. Most of Trigg County is made up of small communities, but most of its importance comes from the town of Cadiz. The tourism of Cadiz has brought Trigg County to one of the top cities of Western Kentucky to be visited, with its' history, and bordering Lake Barkley, and being a part of LBL. Being next to these attractions has brought the county of Trigg to be a very populated county during the summers, and continued residents who wish to stay there.

Cadiz, KY
The city of Cadiz has a population of 2,373 as of 2000 census. It is the oldest town in Trigg county neighboring LBL and Barkley Lake making tourism very high in that area of Trigg county. This town was also a base for the Union and Confederates during the American Civil War making it a very historical. In William Henry Perrin's 1884 History of Trigg County, he does not say why or how Cadiz got its name. He does say that in May 1820 when Trigg became a county, a commission was established to choose a county seat. This commission selected Robert Baker's land as the Seat of Justice. Robert Baker relinquished his stable yard and 50 acres surrounding it. In meeting during the months of August and October, the town was platted out in blocks and the name "Cadiz" was given to the new town.

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Kentucky Lake Communities

    Cadiz (8 miles from Lake Barkley)
    Canton, Cerulean, Wallonia

    Lake Locations in this County
    Little River, Dry Creek

    County/City Parks
    Memorial Park

Golf Courses
Boots Randolph golf course
Arrowhead Golf Club

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