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OVERVIEW is owned and operated by Lake Productions, LLC. was created in 1996 in response to the need for Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley information on the World Wide Web. At that time, there was absolutely no information to be found on the Internet about Kentucky Lake or Lake Barkley.  The Internet was just getting popular and people were surfing for vacation spots yet Kentucky Lake did not exist in cyberspace.  The decision was made that there must be a change.  So, that is how the story begins. We decided to show the world what a great place this lake region is!

Since 1996, has been, and continues to be, the largest, most popular web site on the Internet for the Kentucky Lake region. We have accumulated information for the past 15 years on and we now have 1,000’s of web pages full of Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley information and photos. We are the largest source of tourist and lake information in this region and undoubtedly, our site statistics prove we are the most popular with traffic that soars well over 500,000 unique hits a month! Think of the opportunities.

As we grow forward, our plans are to go beyond Western Kentucky and create an online community of services that span the Great State of Kentucky. We are committed to providing you with the services and tools that will allow your business to grow and succeed.

Our new slogan is just a lake thing!

The Founders

The founders of, Mark and Kathy Wood, grew up playing on the water of both Lake Barkley and Kentucky lake. Seeing the opportunity of the World Wide Web, they solicited the area businesses and created Kentucky The site grew and became the portal for the world to learn about the lakes and what they have to offer. The site started generating additional business for the local lodges and fishing communities.

Due to its popularity, the site has become one of the largest websites in western Kentucky. In 2003, Mark and Kathy got to purchase one of the larger Kentucky Lake marinas, THE MOORS. With time being a precious commodity, was not getting the attention it deserved. So, they made the decision to sell the Kentucky Lake marina.

Mission Statement - Lake Productions, LLC

We are dedicated to being your number one resource for high quality internet marketing services. We are committed to unsurpassed customer service, support and are passionate in local values and regional pride.
-Your TEAM at Lake Productions, LLC.

Vision Statement - Lake Productions, LLC.

Our vision is to create an enthusiastic marketing environment by uniting outstanding customer service, teamwork and the latest technology.
-Your TEAM at Lake Productions, LLC.

The Present

Lake Productions, LLC. is excited and proud to announce the acquisiton of KentuckyLake.COM. This change was effective August 1, 2008. In this, you, the customer, will see many great changes and new additions. KentuckyLake.COM remains the Largest website for the Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley Region. Lake Productions, LLC. is owned and operated with many years of experience in all aspects of the online community. Kris Carlson, brings to the company 14 years of technology management and 10 years of web hosting. Ryan McDaniel uplifts this company with 14 years in sales, marketing, management and public relations. Toni Simpson aids the process with 20 years of finance experience, management, marketing and sales. We are also proud to announce that we have retained David Alvey as a team member. David has been fundamental in the success of KentuckyLake.COM with 12 years of website and graphic design experience, 10 years in website and hosting support, internet marketing, sales and client communications. With this team we are more than capable of meeting your needs and expectations. We are dedicated to being your global marketing resource with high priority on regional pride and local values. Listed below is the new contact information for our partnership.

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