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Our Story

KentuckyLake.com is owned and operated by Explorations Media Group, LLC of Murray, Kentucky. The president of the company, Shawn Dunnaway, has 22 years experience marketing the Kentucky Lake region.

But our company can't take credit for the creation of KentuckyLake.com!

This site began in 1996 in response to the need for Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley information on the World Wide Web. At that time, there was absolutely no information to be found on the Internet about Kentucky Lake or Lake Barkley.

The Internet was just getting popular and people were surfing for vacation spots, yet Kentucky Lake did not exist in cyberspace.  The decision was made that there must be a change.

The founders of KentuckyLake.com, Mark and Kathy Wood, grew up playing on the water of both Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley. Seeing the opportunity of the Internet, they partnered with area businesses and created KentuckyLake.com. The site grew and became the portal for the world to learn about the lakes and what they have to offer. The site started generating additional business for the local lodges and fishing communities.

Due to its popularity, the site became one of the largest websites in western Kentucky. In 2003, Mark and Kathy got to purchase one of the larger Kentucky Lake marinas, Moors Resort & Marina. With time being a precious commodity, KentuckyLake.com was not getting the attention it deserved. So, they made the decision to sell KentuckyLake.com.

The site first changed hands in 2004 and then again in 2008, before Dunnaway's company purchased KentuckyLake.com on October 10, 2019.

Having owned and operated Explore Kentucky Lake since 2001, Explorations Media Group is proud to have an additional tool to promote the Kentucky Lakes Area. With our other sites such as LandBetweenTheLakes.com, KentuckyLakeRentals.com, LakeBarkleyRentals.com and of course, Explore Kentucky Lake, we have created a vast network of websites to promote this region like never before.

If you are interested in advertising, marketing your Kentucky Lake/Lake Barkley business or want more information about our company, call Shawn Dunnaway at 270-752-0402.