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Let's Be Safe When Boating

It's fun to be on the water, but the most important thing when operating a vessel on Kentucky Lake or Lake Barkley is to be safe.

We've put together this section of boating guides and safety tips to help build awareness of keeping ourselves safe while enjoying these big lakes.

State Boating Guides

Here are the official state boating guides for Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley (downloadable PDFs).

Tips For A Safer Boating Experience

Always remember to follow safe boating procedures when you're out on the water. Water Skiing To make your water skiing fun, safe, sensible and successful, practice these safe driving tips:

Person Overboard

If someone falls overboard, follow these procedures:


Before Leaving...

While Underway...

Fueling Tips

Power Line Dangers

When sailing, especially in unfamiliar waters, keep a close watch for low-hanging power lines. A great danger of electrocution exists if the mast of your vessel contacts the power line or gets close enough for the electricity to arc to your mast.

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