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Kentucky Lake & Lake Barkley Fishing Reports

Welcome to, featuring regularly updated Kentucky Lake fishing reports as well as Lake Barkley fishing reports.

Whether you are heading out for a brisk February afternoon of fishing for crappie and black bass or enjoying a late-summer evening of bluegill fishing, our Kentucky Lake fishing reports give you what you need to know.

Find out what's biting and even a few tips and tricks from fishing guides who have grown up fishing the waters of Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley.

It's all about the thrill and experience.

Lake Levels, Wind and Storms Adding Up to Stubborn Spring

Steve McCadams

For April 17, 2024

Anglers have juggled a variety of unstable conditions this past week in their quest to find spawning crappie and bass. Some redear sunfish (shellcracker) and bluegill have entered the picture too as surface temps rise. Last weekend Kentucky Lake reached the summer pool mark of 359 at Kentucky Dam---some two weeks early---for a day or two only to fall back a few inches. As of this update the reservoir was resting around the 358.6 ... Continue Reading...

Crappie Don't Care About The Wind - The Spawn is Underway

Doug Wynn

For April 15, 2024

Hello from the Excel 230 Elite. Did I ever tell you I don’t trust weather people? The wind forecasts most days recently have been for 50-60% of what we end up getting. The lake conditions have been just slight of brutal lately. Of course, the crappie don’t care. They just keep on doing crappie stuff. That stuff now includes heading for shallow water to begin the spawn in earnest. The shallow water migration is on. There are still ... Continue Reading...

Spring Time Fun at Kentucky Lake

Brandon Hunter

For April 10, 2024

The spring months have set in, dogwoods have bloomed and everything is starting to green up. We have had some great weather days here on Kentucky Lake recently. The typical spring winds have made some days tougher, but overall the weather has been really good up until the last couple of days with rain moving in. Air temperatures have been warm and warming up the water temps rather quick, making those fish move quick and staying active ... Continue Reading...

Spawn to Begin Any Day

Scott McGlinchey

For April 8, 2024

The first week of April has passed and the largemouth bass and crappie spawn will start any day now. Both fish start about the same time. The time of year, morning water temperature, and sunny days are key elements that trigger the spawn. I know a lot more about the largemouth bass and its spawning cycle so I will get into that in more detail. Firstly largemouth don’t spawn in 54 to 59 degree water temperature. The morning temperature ... Continue Reading...

Best Crappie Bite In Years

John Morgan

For February 19, 2024

After a long cold spell with below freezing temperatures for almost 9 days in January, things are really looking up here on Kentucky Lake. This past year was a great improvement from the prior two years. This year looks to be even better than last. I'm seeing more bait fish for this time of year than I've seen in the last 20 years. With exception of largemouth bass, which are making a good comeback, I believe that our other game fish numbers are ... Continue Reading...

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