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Kentucky Lake & Lake Barkley Fishing Reports

Welcome to, featuring regularly updated Kentucky Lake fishing reports as well as Lake Barkley fishing reports.

Whether you are heading out for a brisk February afternoon of fishing for crappie and black bass or enjoying a late-summer evening of bluegill fishing, our Kentucky Lake fishing reports give you what you need to know.

Find out what's biting and even a few tips and tricks from fishing guides who have grown up fishing the waters of Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley.

It's all about the thrill and experience.

Smallmouth Has Won Tournaments, But Expect Largemouth to Comeback

Scott McGlinchey

For May 27, 2023

Kentucky and Barkley Lakes are both fishing really well for all species of fish. While the first day of summer is a month away, under the water and on land it feels like summer to the fish and animals. The spawn is over for largemouth and smallmouth but the bluegills and catfish are spawning now. If you can get your side imaging working in shallow water you can find the bluegill beds. Catfish like to spawn around rocks - the bigger the ... Continue Reading...

Big Crappie The Story This Week; Safety Encouraged

Doug Wynn

For May 26, 2023

Hello from the Excel Storm Cat 230. The first major boating holiday of the year is upon us, and many fishermen feel the same way I do. Let’s let the recreational boaters have the lakes until Tuesday. I’ll be finishing up a guide trip, the 6th day in a row, midday Saturday then the Storm Cat goes in the garage. It may get a much-needed bath if I get the notion. Fishing for big crappie has gotten red hot the last few days. We have seen ... Continue Reading...

Catfish/Bluegill Bite Holds Up

Steve McCadams

For May 17, 2023

Kentucky Lake’s fishing scene has experienced another pretty good week, especially for bluegill and catfishermen as the bite has held up well. Still in active bedding phases are bluegill and a few scattered redear sunfish, better known as shellcracker. Good catches have been reported throughout the week as surface temperatures heat up. Coolers full of bluegill have been coming in on a consistent basis. Surface temperatures have ... Continue Reading...

Crappie Spawn Underway

John Morgan

For April 6, 2023

Just when I thought it was going to be a late spring things go into overdrive. Water temps have jumped eight degrees in just a few days and the crappie have really responded. Black and white crappie have started their yearly migration toward shallow water and are as healthy as I've seen in years. I've fished Jonathan Creek, Blood River and Big Sandy and all have the most varied creel we've had in several years. There have been some big ... Continue Reading...

Wintertime & Big Smallmouth Are Back

Brandon Hunter

For March 23, 2023

Hey Guys! A lot has changed since the last time I wrote a report. Only a few weeks have passed and winter time is back! The last time I wrote, spring seemed to be making its way here with warm nights and warm water temperatures. The fish had made their way back in the creeks just like they do every spring and then bam, big rains and cold temperatures. And when I say cold temps, I'm talking down in the 30s again at night. You can only ... Continue Reading...

Eric Ashley's First Report for 2023

Eric Ashley

For March 8, 2023

With spring around the corner, I thought I would let everyone know what I’ve been up to since my last report. October closed out the fishing season and fishing was nothing short of spectacular. November found me working at the electrical trade and getting ready for duck season. I did take a short break to deer hunt, but just could not sit still knowing how much work needed to be done before the duck opener. Duck season proved to be a ... Continue Reading...

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