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Kentucky Lake & Lake Barkley Fishing Reports

Welcome to, featuring regularly updated Kentucky Lake fishing reports as well as Lake Barkley fishing reports.

Whether you are heading out for a brisk February afternoon of fishing for crappie and black bass or enjoying a late-summer evening of bluegill fishing, our Kentucky Lake fishing reports give you what you need to know.

Find out what's biting and even a few tips and tricks from fishing guides who have grown up fishing the waters of Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley.

It's all about the thrill and experience.

Crappie Slowly Migrating to Fall & Winter Patterns

Doug Wynn

For September 29, 2023

Hey from the Excel Storm Cat 230. I'm ready for summer to retreat. The calendar is ready to roll over to October and it's not supposed to be this warm. The fishing scene is improving with the slow migration toward the fall and early winter feeding grounds. That said, we still need the surface temperatures to cool down to get the bulk of the fish off the main lake and into the bays. I've done a couple of trips this week with happy clients ... Continue Reading...

Even Fishing Scene In Need of Rain and Cooler Temps

Steve McCadams

For September 27, 2023

You know it’s dry when even the fishermen want it to rain! Such is the case across the Kentucky Lake fishing scene and the entire region has been quite dry lately, not to mention the rather warm temperatures that have been reluctant to loosen their grip. Fall officially arrived last week but summer weather has lingered as of late. Fishermen were hoping the first week of October would deliver some of those jacket mornings. That doesn’t ... Continue Reading...

Couple of Great Recent Bass Fishing Trips on Kentucky Lake

Scott McGlinchey

For August 24, 2023

The end of August is closing in on us and the days have been extremely hot. One thing is for sure, the fish still have to eat. In fact, being cold blooded creatures, their metabolism requires them to eat more. In this report I am going to talk about the last couple bass fishing trips I was on. On the first trip we got off to a slow start and the bass didn’t seem to be feeding much. We picked one keeper on our first stop and a few smaller ... Continue Reading...

Dog Days of Summer

Brandon Hunter

For July 13, 2023

Summer temps and humidity have set in for good. We have recently had some very nasty humid days and it makes those days on the water very uncomfortable. A few hours in the morning and late in the afternoon and that's about all a guy would want. This is that time of year when the fishing starts getting tough for the most part. A couple of things... one, the fish have been beat on all summer and two, those dog days have set in and it's ... Continue Reading...

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