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John Morgan's Fishing Report

Best Crappie Bite In Years

Published on February 19, 2024

After a long cold spell with below freezing temperatures for almost 9 days in January, things are really looking up here on Kentucky Lake.

This past year was a great improvement from the prior two years. This year looks to be even better than last. I'm seeing more bait fish for this time of year than I've seen in the last 20 years. With exception of largemouth bass, which are making a good comeback, I believe that our other game fish numbers are better than they've been in the last 10 years.

Crappie have been biting all winter long with exception of the few days that the ramps were all frozen in. I've had several days with a one-man limit in only a couple of hours and a few days with a two-man limit in two and a half or three hours.

I'm mostly Livescope fishing over brush piles and stake beds in 8 to 14 ft of water, but I've heard some really good reports from a few guys spider rigging in open water targeting suspended fish.

I've only fished in Blood River and Jonathan Creek and the size in there has been really good with a lot of fish over a pound and a half. Most places are loaded with short fish as well.

Reporting on lure colors and techniques for this time of year can be kind of generic and repetitive, but I have noticed some of the larger profile baits have been better in the dirtier water since we've had the big rains.

A couple of my favorites have been the Jenko mermaid in Fire and Ice and the bonehead tackle purple / chartreuse brush glider. I'm fishing both of these on Jenko 1/8 oz jig head.

Haven't done any bass fishing this year yet but there are quite a few big ones being caught. Did have some really good sauger fishing back in early January and after the ice left the ramps in early February.

Lakes are really looking good and I have high hopes for the springtime. I have a few days left open this spring if you're interested in a trip.

You won't know if you don't go.

John Morgan's Bio

John Morgan of Angling Adventures has been fishing Kentucky Lake for decades. John specializes in panfish fishing the central part of Kentucky Lake from the Blood River area to the Big Sandy area.

His fishing report typically covers Kentucky Lake from Blood River to Big Sandy.

John Morgan

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