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Scott McGlinchey's Fishing Report

Couple of Great Recent Bass Fishing Trips on Kentucky Lake

Published on August 24, 2023

The end of August is closing in on us and the days have been extremely hot. One thing is for sure, the fish still have to eat. In fact, being cold blooded creatures, their metabolism requires them to eat more.

In this report I am going to talk about the last couple bass fishing trips I was on. On the first trip we got off to a slow start and the bass didn’t seem to be feeding much. We picked one keeper on our first stop and a few smaller bass. We were using top water baits primarily which included two different whopper ploppers and a sexy dawg stick bait.

After our first stop we made a long run and began fishing top water baits again in the back of a large creek arm. We fished the area very hard and only caught a few small bass.

As we were idling out of that area I mentioned that we still had time left to catch some good fish. As the depth slowly changed from 2.5 feet to 4 feet a large school of fish began feeding on schools of shad.

The feeding fish appeared to be small skipjack and white bass. We stopped to observe all the feeding activity and I noticed that some of these feeding fish were large, so we began tossing top water baits, small shallow running crankbait, and even a classic inline spinner.

It was one of those catch-them-every-cast moments that lasted about an hour. We caught a mixed bag of quality sized largemouth bass, large and small white bass, and skipjack. The largemouth bass preferred the top water baits, the crankbait caught everything, and the inline spinner caught its share. That was one fun trip and when everyone stays positive on a tough day good things can happen.

During the second trip we fished shallow top water again but this time out on the main lake. On our first stop we fished a shallow bar and covered a lot of area before we connected with the fish. When we started catching them the action was very fast and it was amazing to catch so many bass throwing to the same spot.

We caught 4 bass off of one stump. All in all we caught a bunch of bass from one small area on a long shallow bar and that included at least 4 keeper sized bass. Thinking there was a pattern going I ran to two other locations that were similar, we fished both locations hard and didn’t have much luck on either.

Next stop was going to be a long run and before I reached the planned location I decided stop at a main lake extended underwater point. It only took a few cast and we started catching bass.

There were many small groups of bass feeding on the surface mowing down the shad schools. We all were using top water baits and the fishing was fast and furious, we lost count of how many bass we caught. When we left that spot we had a heavy 5 fish limit of largemouth and smallmouth.

Both of these trips were excellent fishing days, the kind you wish happened on every trip. On trip one, we saw the activity of fish feeding on the surface, we slowed down, made observations and were able to see that some of the feeding fish were large. On the second trip we hit a lot of areas on the main lake and two of the locations were loaded with bass that were actively feeding on the surface.

As a guide I specialize in taking people fishing to make sure they get to catch as many fish as possible. However, one of the best values to fishing with me is what you can learn in a day.

I know for certain I am as good as anyone can be at teaching any aspect of bass fishing. If you want to gain an edge in your tournament game I am here to help you. I have had several anglers win tournaments to include championship events.

I can show how to use your electronics to catch more fish on any lake. I use the same skills I honed as a baseball and wrestling coach to help anglers better their fishing game. I have traveled to clients' home lakes where I have never fished to teach them how to catch more fish and win tournaments on their favorite lakes/bodies of water.

Please checkout and like/follow my Shelldivers Guide Service Facebook Page and my updated website.

Scott McGlinchey's Bio

Owner of Shelldiver Guide Service in Dexter, Ky., Scott specializes in largemouth bass fishing on Kentucky Lake. In addition to teaching new techniques for clients, Scott also helps prepare tournament anglers. He's got 30 years of fishing experience and frequently posts photos of catches and underwater shellbeds on his Facebook page. Search for Shelldiver Guide Service on Facebook.

Scott's report covers both Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley.

Scott McGlinchey
Shelldiver Guide Service

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