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Scott McGlinchey's Fishing Report

Fall Brings Shallow Topwater Bass Bite

Published on October 19, 2020

We are into mid-October and the weather has remained warm with a few cool nights and mornings mixed in. The bass will continue to strike topwater baits as long as the water temperature is above 55 degrees.

I am still using the whopper plopper and sexy dawg to catch most of my fish. There are times when you can see bass feeding on shad right in front of the boat and you throw a top water bait in the area but they won’t hit it. When this occurs I will use a floating jerkbait, lipless crankbait, spinnerbait, or small inline spinner to coax them to bite.

Areas to fish remain the same shallow flats on the main lake or the back ends of creek arms and bays. One difference I find is that when October gets here the lake level is near winter pool and new shallow flats will emerge and become targets of opportunity.

The bass tend to group up more and when they decide to feed. They are less scattered and more concentrated in a small stretch of water or area. The catch ratio changes where I catch less of the smaller fish and more of the keeper sized fish.

I have used the solunar tables quite a bit this fall so that I can be in the best area when fish are supposed to bite. Some mornings they will bite well and I have a few areas they have been feeding in every evening.

Evenings are really good right now as there is a distinct movement where shad will school up or be scattered but come to the surface and flip. When this occurs the bass will feed on them voraciously.

This is great time to get some fishing in before the top water bite ends!

As a guide I specialize in taking people fishing to make sure they get to catch as many fish as possible. However one of the best values to fishing with me is what you can learn in a day. I know for certain I am as good as anyone can be at teaching any aspect of bass fishing.

If you want to gain an edge in your tournament game I am here to help you. I have had several anglers win tournaments to include championship events. I can show how to use your electronics to catch more fish on any lake.

I use the same skills I honed as a baseball and wrestling coach to help anglers better their fishing game! I have traveled to clients' home lakes where I have never fished to teach them how to catch more fish and win tournaments on their favorite lakes/bodies of water.

Please checkout and Like my Shelldivers Guide Service Facebook Page and my updated website.

Scott McGlinchey's Bio

Owner of Shelldiver Guide Service in Dexter, Ky., Scott specializes in largemouth bass fishing on Kentucky Lake. In addition to teaching new techniques for clients, Scott also helps prepare tournament anglers. He's got 30 years of fishing experience and frequently posts photos of catches and underwater shellbeds on his Facebook page. Search for Shelldiver Guide Service on Facebook.

Scott's report covers both Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley.

Scott McGlinchey
Shelldiver Guide Service

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