Fishing & Hunting in LBL

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Fishing & Hunting in LBL


Regulated hunting is an integral part of the wildlife management program at Land Between The Lakes. In the absence of large predators, hunting is used to maintain healthy populations of such species as white-tail deer.

With thousands of acres teeming with game and over 300 miles of undeveloped shoreline, LBL offers an impressive variety of hunting opportunities and more than 230 days a year of in-season hunting. White-tail deer, wild turkey, squirrels, and other forest game species are abundant.

LBL offers annual spring quota and non-quota hunts for turkeys, and fall archery and quota gun hunts for deer. Hunters can also enjoy a variety of camping choices, from the convenience of the developed campgrounds to the rustic adventure of camping LBL's back-country.

All Land Between the Lakes hunters must have an LBL Hunter Use Permit and applicable state licenses. Call 270-924-2065 for more detailed information.


Land Between The Lakes offers over 20 lake access areas with launch ramps absolutely free of charge. Some have courtesy docks and restroom facilities.

On Kentucky Lake, the states of Kentucky and Tennessee have reciprocal fishing license agreements so you don't have to follow the state lines. This applies to Kentucky Lake between Eggners Ferry Bridge (US 68/KY 80) and the Paris Landing Bridge (US 79).

Within LBL, you'll also find four fishable small lakes and numerous interior ponds spread throughout the peninsula.