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Land Between the Lakes (LBL) News & Alerts

NEW: Nature Station Discontinues Canoe and Kayak Rentals

Due to growth of both native and invasive plants on Honker Lake, Nature Station will cease all canoe and kayak rentals for the year.  Guided canoe/kayak trips will still be offered, but at other Land Between The Lakes locations. Energy Lake Campground, only a few miles from Nature Station, is still renting canoes from 8am until 4pm.  The last canoe can go out at 3pm, weather permitting.  For further information, please call Nature Station at 270-924-2299.


Fenton Campground is closed ~ Land Between The Lakes closed Fenton Campground for camping until further notice. The emergency decision came after assessing damage from an April 4, 2014 storm.

Fenton boat ramp, fishing access, pavilion, and Central Hardwoods Scenic trailhead and trail remain open.


Prescribed Fire Information ~ In the spring of 2014, prescribed burns may be conducted on certain days in portions of Hunt Areas 1, 7, 8, 10,11, and 12. Additionally, in the 2014 growing season (May-September), prescribed burns may be conducted in a portion of Hunt Area 12. View 2014 KY and TN Prescribed Fire Maps

Prescribed fires are planned ignitions that occur under very specific conditions. Prior to a prescribed burn, roads in the burn area will be barricaded and monitored for smoke issues. Officials in local communities, near areas to be burned, will be contacted before the burn takes place. Prescribed fires improve overall wildlife habitat diversity and helps promote many native tree and plants such as oaks, hickories, forbs, and wildflowers. View more information about Land Between The Lakes’ prescribed fire program.


6/26/14 Construction at 108, 130 and 134 is now complete. These roads are OPEN to motor vehicles.

Road 350/Block House Road–Road remains closed.

Transportation Analysis Project ~ Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area hosted three informational public meetings to discuss their road system in July 2013 in Cadiz and Grand River, KY and Dover, TN.

Nationally, the USDA Forest Service is required to identify National Forest System roads no longer needed to meet forest resource management objectives. Transportation Analysis Process (TAP) provides a critical first step towards the development of proposed actions towards the future “minimum road system.”

Approximately 65 miles of the 475 miles of existing Land Between The Lakes’ roads will be evaluated. Any road which accesses a cemetery or is maintained by state of Kentucky or Tennessee will not be changed by this process. Land Between The Lakes’ management requests the public come to these meetings to learn about the process and discuss what roads are most important to them.

“Land Between The Lakes has a tradition of going to the public for ideas and direction. I want to continue this tradition and reach out to the public for this initial stage of our road analysis; even though this initial process does not require public input,” says Tina Tilley, new Land Between The Lakes Area Supervisor. This exercise will help to establish what roads exist now, what is needed for access, and what is affordable in the future. The knowledge gained from these meetings will be incorporated into a final Transportation Analysis Report. Before any decisions are made in the future, the public will be asked for additional comments.

Maps-Transportation Analysis Project

Existing Road System and Proposed Road Changes

Land Between The Lakes Transportation Analysis Map North

Land Between The Lakes Transportation Analysis Map South

Other Information-Transportation Analysis Project

Forest Service Chief Letter – March 2012

Land Between The Lakes 65 mile Road Chart

Land Between The Lakes Transportation Analysis Key Messages


Turkey Bay trails are OPEN

Hematite Trail: The boardwalk on the backside of the trail was damaged by flood water. The trail is open in both directions, but closed at the boardwalk. May not be used as a loop trail at this time.

North/South Trail

May 5–June 30, 2014–Be aware of log trucks going in and out of FS Road 205 (just south of the South Bison Range) and Woodlands Trace National Scenic Byway in Land Between The Lakes. There will be a trail reroute on the North-South Trail in this area. View Rd 205 North-South Trail Reroute Map

Wranglers Horseback Riding Trails

6/25/14 | Beginning July 7, 2014 Wranglers trail connector 6/9/10 will be closed from the A kiosk to the block building, also all of FR 342 (see attached).  Anticipated re-opening Aug. 1 2014.  This will allow crews with heavy equipment do complete trail repair. Wranglers Trail Closure Map

There will be a trail reroute on Wranglers Equestrian Trail #12, please see Trail Reroute Map above. Use caution, as there are trees down across several Wranglers trails. Also, be careful of hanging limbs that may fall, due to the recent ice damage. Please let Wranglers Gatehouse staff know if you find an issue on a particular trail.

Every year certain trails are closed during deer quota gun hunts for safety reasons. The 2014 dates are as follows:

  • Youth Quota Hunt October 25-26, 2014: Trails are closed EXCEPT trails 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, and 10
  • Quota Hunt November 22-23, 2014: Trails are closed EXCEPT trails 1 and 2

Central Hardwoods Scenic Trail - sustained significant tread damage from a Dec. rain event.  Until repairs can be made, please be cautious when navigating the trail as many washouts exist, especially between English Hill and Meredith Trailheads.

Under Review

Crop and Hay Prospectus Application Information-Must be received by close of business Tuesday, May 13

Land Between The Lakes Cropland Prospectus 2014
Land Between The Lakes Haycutting Prospectus 2014
Prospectus Required Information: Special Use Permit Application Form: SF 299
Application for Transportation and Utility Systems and Facilities on Federal Lands, Form SF299

Other Information


Tick Information

Don’t Move Firewood ~ Protect our National Forests from Invasive Insects and Diseases

  • Leave firewood at home – do not transport it to campgrounds. Use firewood from local sources.
  • If you have moved firewood, burn all of it before leaving your campsite.